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Re: Aikido in a street situation

Relating to my experience,I have had many occasions where Aikido training has been very effective for me in the following ways:

1) the control,arrest and handcuffing of passive to moderate resisting suspects using many of the armlocks/takedowns and wrist controls that we learn.

2) the ability of knowing how to roll and breakfall as saved me from injury several times when i fell while in a footchase.

3)I have also found that the turning,spinning movements and shifting out of the line of attack as been quite useful in avoiding getting hit on occasions and the ability to confuse the assailant and get behind him/her much faster and easier and take control that way.

AND just as many other occasions while under full out assault where it was of little to no use to me.

That's my experience with Aikido and i am glad that i have trained in it ,as you can see it was quite useful to me.

Just remember the limitation of all the martial arts that are undertaken in a safe controlled gym/dojo enviromentf and no one martial art is going to be effective for every scenario that's why i have cross trained in BJJ and kickboxing and maintain good physical conditioning.

I can also say that,other than work related incidents,i have never been in a physical confrontation while of duty,so i would suggest train hard,train often and train long term mainly for the enjoyment of it and not get to focused or concerned about the "will it work if i get attacked" scenario.

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