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Re: True Warfare

Anthony Loeppert wrote: View Post
Arrogant yes. But by focusing too much on that aspect you ignore the incoherence of your message which is also worthy of mention.

Anthony. Have you ever met a senior Aikidoka you were not impressed by? I bet everyone has if they are honest. I have met many people let alone Aikido people who must therefore in their field know much more than me and guess what? Some I wasn't impressed with.

The incoherence you do indeed mention. Is that down to me?

On I/P threads they can seem at times very incoherent to me but it's not really down to the people writing them it's more to do with me not understanding the words used. I have therefore a choice. I can ask for clarification or accept I need to study more about it before I can join in. Or I can see the gist of it and decide if I'm actually interested. The emphasis is on me not the writer. I'm sure they are explaining as best they can.

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