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Re: True Warfare

Graham Jenkins wrote: View Post
...that's neither here nor there, O Great Sage.

It's not a matter of belief: it's a matter of justifying your position.
Racists can't justify their position, so they are disregarded; creationists cannot justify their position, so they are disregarded; you can't justify your position...

If Ueshiba had just gone around...talking, then aikido would have died on its arse; instead, he put his money where his mouth was, proved himself - and what luck: you've heard of aikido.

And if you're such a nice, peaceful, enlightened guy, then why are you content to be an annoyance?
Aren't you just posting in order to puff yourself up?
I could debate what you say there but you may not like it. Thus see me as an annoyance? For instance Ueshiba did plenty plenty talking but as recorded those students didn't understand what he was on about. Now I talk as this is a forum for so doing and what luck, you've heard of my Aikido. Now, does that annoy you?

You will find my basic position has not changed since I entered the forum so consistency is there, explanations and backing philosophy are there. I do indeed justify my 'position' so those annoyed are merely against what I say. Maybe nice peaceful guys shouldn't say their opinion for fear of others being annoyed.

Your final question about posting to puff myself up. Now that's more interesting. That's actually close to something. As they say in the game of hide and seek 'you're getting warmer'.

Let's take Dan shall we. (I'm sure he won't mind me mentioning his name here) He is one for putting himself foreward and the merits of what he does. Blatantly at times and kind of no holds barred. That's him and there's nothing wrong with that at all. I on the other hand am a different charachter, not one for doing so.

However, on this forum I found if I did it was met by a great reaction. Strange I thought. I showed it to all my friends and those who know me. They laughed. Apart from every one of them saying it's because they don't understand, more importantly for me was they said they always wonder why I don't put it out there more. These are people from within and without of Aikido who know me and that means have personal experience of my Aikido or have even seen it in action for real outside of the dojo.

So as I said you're getting warm. On this forum I put it foreward, I put it out there, partly as an experiment. An experiment to see who has similar realities in Aikido and an experiment to see how I like personally putting it foreward. I learn a lot by doing so.

Most surprisingly I learn that some think their view about my way is superior somehow to mine. They don't know me so they don't see the the simple fact that I know me. Too simple. For me it's rather amazing.

But now I am getting to understand. The truth of the matter is those few, or many, who cares, don't understand. There's no other word to use I'm afraid. You believe that my Aikido is weak and and good for self developement with no martial application. You believe that. I compare your belief to what I know. Therefore I can say you are wrong. Therefore I can say you don't understand my Aikido.

I can say the Aiki discussed recently I understand a little but the ins and outs and methods of practice people are enthusing about I can say I don't understand. I do understand more than those who rear up think though. But compared to those who teach it nah, no comparison. It's not hard to say what I do and don't understand and degrees thereof.

Does that mean I haven't come across people who do forms of internal power and internal strength? No. Have I felt it from them? Yes. Have I seen benefits of it for them? Yes. Am I against it? No.

That's their cup of tea.

Bottom line, I don't fit your parameters of someone who can do what I can do therefore I can't be real.

Do you even understand if I say to you that what I can do isn't even that important to me?

I may be wrong but I can only conclude that those who continually want to pick up and argue and try to make wrong anything I say do not want to understand. I can say this because those that do usually end up contacting via pm.

Anyway if I wind you up by giving my opinion the don't talk to me, it's quite simple.

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