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Konni wrote:
Hello everybody!

I've followed this discussion with a great interest up to now and I would like to ask all of you a question: Would it be a positive action for a 5. Kyu-Aikidoist to train frequently in another dojo? I mean it may be good for a black-belt, who already has a basic experience in the technique of Aikido, but concerning a lower grade, wouldn't it produce akind of "mess of techniques" which would lead to misconceptions in his development? I ask you this question, becaue I've read in an Aikido-book that a juniior student should not try to get everything from different teachers, because the result would be a multiplication of faults and total misconception of this student.

Thanks for your replies,

A very valid question Konstantin, one I've considered myself in the past. I think I would have to argue that Aikido is Aikido is Aikido... Granted there is different emphasis in the different 'styles', but I feel that, as the principles are the same across the board, having experience of different perspectives can only enhance your apreciation of Aikido.. Granted this opinion is from someone who's a newcomer to Aikido, but I have experienced both Tomiki and Aikikai Aikido - and have been honoured to watch amazingly gifted Sensei from both organisations (British Aikido Board (Aikikai) and British Aikido Association (Tomiki)) - and it's been my observation that the two styles complement each other, hand in glove...

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