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Re: True Warfare

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
This sounds discourteous to me.

As I said. You don't believe. That's all. Oh and don't feel alone, nor do some others.

...that's neither here nor there, O Great Sage.

It's not a matter of belief: it's a matter of justifying your position.
Racists can't justify their position, so they are disregarded; creationists cannot justify their position, so they are disregarded; you can't justify your position...

If Ueshiba had just gone around...talking, then aikido would have died on its arse; instead, he put his money where his mouth was, proved himself - and what luck: you've heard of aikido.

And if you're such a nice, peaceful, enlightened guy, then why are you content to be an annoyance?
Aren't you just posting in order to puff yourself up?
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