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Re: Pompous Baffoons

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I need to vent and would like some feedback. There is a Snooty, Pompous Baffoon that keeps showing up at our Dojo. Uninvited and completely unwelcome by me and other students. Not at the regular classes, but at special classes and functions. He corrects other students when training (regardless of rank) and thinks he knows everything.He has ruined Aikido for me and I want to tell him to stop coming to our Dojo, but Sensei won't let me.
I know that this sounds like kindergarten but this bozo is and idiot and seems to be completely unaware that NOBODY likes him or wants to train with him.
I see him at seminars and avoid him - I just NEVER want to see him come to our Dojo again. What do I do?????
(Aiki-do-)beat him up. Does wonders.

Next time you do randori with him or a techinique with him, kick his ass - kotegaeshi him as if there were no tomorrow (you may enjoy a few startled looks in his eyes when you get through fully serious, because normally they are not familiar with that).

If you have to train with one technique, apply instead the one that comes spontaneous to you and make him see the mat. Irimi without mercy, atemi with a true smack (not punch) in the face, unbalance him without mercy, throw him without mercy and when he gets up and whines, say you're sorry and that you apologize and that, indeed, you need another chance because you're a student and you have not much control over your techniques so you need to learn by him.

Then, kick his ass once again.

If he kicks yours (which I doubt), stay undaunted and at the first occasion irimi him again with full intention, push, unbalance, kokyunage with intention but not too much so that as he almost falls you grab his wrist and throw him the opposite direction (and if at the end you also let him go, he may bounce around). Make him tour and sweep the mat.

Doing that twice should be enough - he will stay away from you because you're not "aiki"...

If instead he appreciates that and does not complain and does not accuse you of not being aiki and is undaunted himself, then by all accounts follow his advice.

In shorter words: test him. I have said beat him up to be iconic - indeed what you're doing is: testing.

If he wins or he loses but does not complain, he may be worth of something indeed.
But if he loses and complains, he's the bozo you said.

In itself the fact nobody likes someone, could flag both situations: stupidity, or talent. So you need to test him.
It does not matter whether he wins or loses: it matters what he does when faced with brutality.
Then you will know.

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