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Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Ha, ha. He has something, maybe you think that's Ki.

If that's the point these good people are making then they are sadly mistaken. I think I read once that Ueshiba told some omoto students in answer to their questioning him about what that Aikido that he does was about. He said he thought they knew more Aikido than his students.

I never mentioned aiki so don't even go there.

I met Shioda and wasn't impressed. I met Kanetsuka and was impressed. We all have ones we like more than others. Nothing new there.

Yeah, your view on my Aikido may be shared by many but those with that view cannot do what I do. That may sound arrogant to you but it isn't is just as it is. Why should that annoy you?

You don't believe it. That about sums it up.

Senshiro Endo says such things then I'm sure I could help him out there, now how's that for 'arrogance' or is it confidence.

I am not a label, I am me and I can do what I say I can. Until you understand that then you can only place me in categories to fit your own mind.

Labels and titles don't mean to me what they do to you.

Regards.G. anyone actually in agreement with this guy?
Why is his absurd trolling tolerated, when Tony Wagstaffe's wasn't?
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