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Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Why should I allow facts to interfere with my conclusions when I point out how incomplete they are?

You can disagree by all means as is your right but name calliing?

Budo is love. Yes, you merely point to what I've said all along. The problem isn't japanese translations but not knowing the meaning or having reality on the english words like love.

Without such reality people have to believe Ueshiba meant a, b, c, d. No, he meant budo is love. When you understand that clearly you can understand better Aikido. To me it's self evident.

I can demonstrate and teach such. No problem. If that's a problem to you or any others who don't have that particular reality then what can I say? It's an immovable truth for me. Quite demonstratable.

If you don't know or even believe in such then carry on and talk about what you do.

Name-calling? To what are you referring?

The point these good people have been making to you, is that you don't know very much - at all - about Ueshiba, his thoughts on aikido, or those other figures - who were actually there.

So you prattle on about 'What aikido is.', and 'What Ueshiba meant.' - but as a rational observer, and as a historian, I see everything you say as entirely worthless; it wouldn't even be entertained as a source, if historians, in the future, looked at this thread.

Do you honestly think that if someone like Ueshiba, or Saito, or Shioda, saw your aikido, they'd be impressed?
Fair enough: you like one perspective on the 'spiritual' side of aikido - but to express it through aikido, you have able to express it through aikido, something you seem unable to do.

You might think you understand aiki with your mind, but do you understand it with your body? - that's a big reason why I feel aggrieved at how you act: because there are people out there with vastly superior ability at aikido, who actually say they barely understand it - hell: i've got a book written by Gozo Shioda in the eighties, I believe, where he actually says that he is only just beginning to understand some of the things Ueshiba talked about in the thirties...but you have all the answers?!
Seishiro Endo - 8th dan, and someone whose ability I massively admire - says that he is still trying to become soft, to become good...but you have all the answers? You know everything?

I don't believe you can demonstrate aikido, no - for I am a student of this grandmaster:

He has massive ki balls.
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