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Dave Gallagher
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Being overly complacent as Uke

My original teacher used to always warn us about this. He said that if your partner is not leading you somewhere with his or her technique then don't go along with it as it helps neither one of you. He said not to overly resist but not to just throw yourself.
We see so much of this in public demos that I feel that this is where some people get the idea that Aikido is fake.
I was trained to believe that true technique is only learned by making it work and not by having uke throw themselves because they think this is what is "supposed" to happen with that technique. In this case uke gets the best practice but the partner learns nothing from someone flipping themselves because you touched them.
We were taught that there is a line between real technique and just going through the outward motions.
I see a number of videos on Youtube that really hurt the reputation of Aikido in my opinion.
We were taught that as uke you should actually feel what is happening and move with it and not move because you know you are supposed to fall or roll etc.
I am of the opinion that this kind of dojo teaches Aikido that is effective as self defence and still remains true to the "do" part.
I am posting this to see if anyone else has trained this way or if you learned from the "School of being over complaisant" and if so please share the values of it as I have not trained like that and am curious about this philosophy.

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