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Re: True Warfare

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Hi Demetrio.
I bet he could no doubt. However I was just pointing out to Chris that without all the data to do with the time and place and context then just using a 'he said' to me means nothing.

I'm more interested in what a person believes and can do above their knowledge of history. What's your view now, that's how people generally communicate in life unless they are specifically talking history.

That's all. If someone wants to fill me in on some history then that's good too in it's own way.

Well, OK, Saito used to carry around a copy of the 1938 manual "Budo" when he was teaching to show people that the way he was teaching it was precisely the same as it was in the 1938 manual. He said that this was the way that he was taught by the founder in Iwama, and that the way that they were doing it in Tokyo was different. It's all on record in various places - an old story, and not under dispute by just about anybody I know of.

Take a look at

And at (from 1996!)

But I heard Saito make the statement from his own mouth more than once - and I wasn't even around him all that much.

That doesn't mean, by the way, that I'm saying that what Saito was doing was better (or worse) than what was happening in other places. Just that there's more to the story.



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