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Opher Donchin (opherdonchin) wrote:
I was in a dojo in Burlington VT where men and women not only train together on the same mat, but actually dress in the same dressing room. Disconcerting at first, but somehow not very difficult once you get used to it.
One dojo in Germany where I trained had "coed" dressing rooms.

One of my teachers went over to Germany a long while back when she had just gotten her nidan. After training with a bunch of burly guys, slamming each other on the mat, she thought it was quite a test for her to get into the showers with them all.

Incidentally, her dojo (in the United States) also had coed dressing rooms for quite a long time -- over twenty years, if I remember correctly. She said it was actually the men who started feeling uncomfortable and asked for separate dressing rooms, interestingly enough.

-- Jun

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