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graham christian
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Re: True Warfare

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
Considering the fact Bjorn, the OP, is a high level practitioner of the Iwama style aikido, he could explain it better to you.
Hi Demetrio.
I'd rather not ask. I don't use names to make others wrong I only use them sometimes as other sources who have said what I say now. A subtle difference. All this using what someone else said to put down what someone is saying I'll leave to those who think it means something.

I think some are more interested in argument than the thread and the funny thing is they don't know it.

I commented on the o/p.

I commented also on the next post by the o/p.

I see them as miles apart yet maybe the o/p sees them as connected and maybe Chris does too but hasn't got around to that point yet. Too busy trying to 'educate' me.

Now I could see some or even many translating the o/ps second post into war scenario and coming up with the first post. Not me though.

Anyway, I raise a glass to the mighty atom ha, ha. An incredible man.

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