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Re: True Warfare

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
Well, you were the one who brought up the naming and called is significant, not me.

I cited Saito because he probably spent the most actual time one on one with Ueshiba after the war. He said it and Stan Pranin has shown it quite clearly - the post-war changes in Aikido came mostly from Kisshomaru and Tohei.

I didn't put Kisshomaru down at any point, I liked him quite a bit and enjoyed training with him.

The point of the quote is that it is from the 1400's - from the founder of the oldest traditional martial arts school in Japan. Ueshiba's ideas weren't new and unique, and the "old ways and meanings of budo" weren't necessarily blood guts and destruction. You've latched on to a modern representation that was pushed by many of the postwar teachers - Kisshomaru and Tohei among them, but that viewpoint is spun quite heavily, and is not supported by the historical record.


I brought up names? Really...

Oh I've latched onto have I ? Your assumption.

There you go again, using Kisshomaru as a name connected with heavily spun modern blah.

If you think you know what I've latched on to and why I view things as I do then it only means to me that you are arguing with yourself.

Do I care or know what Kisshomaru or Tohei said on the subject of budo? Do I mention them as sources to my view on budo? No. Do I need to put them down just to support an argument? No.

Budo is love. Now who said that?

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