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Ernesto Lemke
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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Hey Dan, forget something? Check your mail...

Just a quick post to both say that it's great to see Rob posting here again (been a while) and that the first link he provided of Ueshiba was quite shocking to see anew.
I was telling Dan that I hadn't watched a Ueshiba vid in maybe 7 years or so (knew 'em by heart tho) but that watching them now, with all that I'm exposed to in the meantime, they make so much sense that it's hard to accept as well as belief that you can see anything other going on then IP/Aiki being expressed.

I'm staying out of the debate for now so apologies for tossing this in. Just wanted to share my enthusiasm and also share that it is possible to see whitout seeing. But now that I see (and I'm sure there is even more to see) it's so unbelievable (tho explainable) that I didn't see it in the past. The information, skill and knowledge is still there, but it requires someone in the know both willing and able to share for one to be able to see.