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Dear Joe
I am currently in the UK conducting a seminar and will respond when I get home.
Personally I think quite a bit of disinformation has been rendered through the translations being done by those unfamiliar with the context or background knowledge of the material by Osensei's students. Frankly, I am uninterested in slogging through yet another attempt by any modern aikidoka who doesn't have the proper background and familiarity of the material he was discussing.
To answer your other question....I have yet to read or see any Japanese shihan who expressed the the same understanding, much less abilities adequate to the task.
Last, yes sir I left aikido out of a desperate need to discover aiki. Which I did. Oddly, when I wrote about it, aikido-ka laughed at it or dismissed it. Here we are 16 years later, and I find what I had been discussing is spelled out like a road map by Ueshiba himself. Hence, I have zero confidence in anyone in aikido-not being trained in these methods- being capable of producing anything worth reading, as certain discussions here recently demonstrated.