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Hello Joe,

I am sure Chris Li will respond, but I have had the same problem as others have had. If you look at Morihei Ueshiba's writings commercially available in English translation, you will find the following: Budo Renshu (1933), translated by the Larry Bieri and his wife; Budo (1938), translated by John Stevens; Aiki Shinzui (collections of discourses published by the Aikikai Hombu), translated by John Stevens; and Takemusu Aiki (discourses given to a religious group), selected, edited and translated by John Stevens. All of the Stevens translations have been published by Kodansha International and conform to the (commercial) editorial policies of that company.

Since living in Japan, I have learned to read the discourses of Ueshiba in the original Japanese and am personally quite dissatisfied with the existing translations, for various reasons. However, I do not have the time to produce complete new versions, even if the copyright owners (the Aikikai) agreed, so the only alternative is to produce new translations piecemeal, as the need arises, in connection with articles I am writing. I have done this with my own columns here on Aikiweb and Chris Li has also produced one or two translations, also on Aikiweb. However, neither the Japanese texts themselves nor the available translations have been systemically revised anywhere.

Best wishes,

Dear Peter,
Thanks for reply. I thank the other guys who answered my blog as well.As you know I always like to hear /read the most accurate translation of any document. specially a document for a speeding offence etc [joking ]Hope you are well, Best regards, Joe.