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Re: Un Camino que Tiene Corazón

Ross, great article.
I am 67 and started aikido in 1967. Along the road I have been rock climbing, winter mountaineering, x-c skiing, kayaking and hiking. I have studied mystical traditions, zen, performed with butoh dancers . The common thread between all of them has been following my heart. Aikido is the physical thread that links them. I have no regrets about not physically following all of the past adventures as they are alive and well deep inside of me. In a breath I can journey back to a high mountain ledge to look hundreds of feet below while I listen to crows calling each other. I can still feel the wind and the scent is always with me. I train aikido 4 nights a week and take weekend workshops whenever I can. In the past 6 months I have started to get a deeper glimpse of aikido. Aikido has become new and alive again. I am not doing high falls or hard rolls, but I am exploring contact, touch, blending. Watching Uke and Nage disappear and finding only movement. I am not moving as fast as I used to, but I am moving smarter and as a result there are fewer pulled muscles, fewer injuries than I had 20 years ago. I agree with your comment, "practice opening", and do whatever your heart tells you to do. I expect to be doing aikido for another 15 years or so. Enjoy this life!
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