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Re: Ueshiba's Aiki

Chris Knight wrote: View Post
Do you think we aikidoka are going about things the wrong way, and should be initally concentraing on connecting the entire body, internally, before spending the majority of time trying to understand the essence of techniques etc?
Hi Chris,

not particularly - I think there are plenty of ways to learn, some seem to be really good, some not so good. For me I'm a practical kind of guy and I needed something active to grab my attention and then overtime I've become more and more open to the deeper message.

Others like the 'cerebral' approach so maybe what you suggest would work for them.

What I do think we need to do is recognise that there are many levels of practice and many places to get stuck and fall short....and accept that the Art of Aikido is not the techniques but what can be learned from them.

Having recognised that there is more than one way to float this boat - when something emerges / re-emerges such as this IP training...well lets grab it and incorporate it into what we have.

Not reject it because of a perceived slight against our teachers, or some other reason.

For me its the final piece of the jigsaw - but the jigsaw does seem to keep changing shape.