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Re: Dan Harden seminar in The Netherlands

A small review from me:

We have started where we had left in May. After a quick review of the seminar in May, we were shown what we would be doing this seminar. Most of the attendees were also present during the first seminar. Those who weren't, were struggling sometimes a little bit to catch up, but, due to the open atmosphere and Dan's teaching skills, they were able to follow the rest of the seminar.
Dan was talking more in concepts now and showed us exercises to feel and train these concepts. Dan was always present to assist and/or point out flaws. One of the great things of working with Dan is, when you make mistake, he will tell it to you and then immediately tell you how to correct it.

All in all, we have learned (again) a lot and Dan left us more than enough stuff to work upon.
I am already looking forward to our third seminar.
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