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graham christian
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Re: Martial Arts in Manga and Animé

Hi Niall.
A nice intro for us old 'newbies'. Some of my friends have been trying to get me interested in Anime for ages. It's become a bit of a game. They will come up with things like 'Ah, I've found the one for you' and direct me to youtube etc.

It reminds me of computer games when a few years back my son said similar things about them and aleays was met with 'Nah, I'm not into them things.' He took it as a challenge and proceeded to get me games 'just to try' on his console. Didn't work, found them boring. Then he started bringing me football games and martial arts games. Didn't work, found them boring.

Then one day while he was out I found one I quite liked, I was surprised. So would play it when I got the chance, secretly I might add, as I didn't want him to think he'd won. Then game was called zelda.

One day when the coast was clear I proceeded to play the game and theres a part where this voice says 'hey listen!' On hearing this my door burst open and there he was saying Gotcha!

So far the same has applied to anime, tried 'bleach' recently if that counts but got bored. But now you've inspired me to try Monster. Mmmm. maybe that's the one?

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