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Confused Re: Aikido for MMA?

Robert M Watson Jr wrote: View Post
Even O'sensei declined to dodge bullets and never stepped foot in Richmond.

You originally said Berkeley but now expand to the full greater bay area? Too many places to list as there are so many really good places to train. Why not kajukenbo in SF (1819 Polk St) is pretty tasty!
Berekeley is on the Richmond-bound train.

I'm particularly considering Suginami Aikikai SF with Clovis' BJJ since:
our son lives near that Aikido dojo and rolls at the BJJ gym there,
offers couple of kickboxing classes,
and on Saturdays I could do Aikido and BJJ after surfing at Linda Mar

The downside is I'd have to give up my knockdown karate classes on Tue's & Thr's. I was looking for Mon, Wed, Fri, & Sat spots.
I'd like to cross train in Aikido, while practicing MMA karate 2/week. Adding BJJ would be a nice bonus.

We're blessed with good martial and zazen opportunities in our area.

again, thank you for the suggestions

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