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Re: The Realm of Aiki

Hi Francis -

I see the foundation of the concept of Aiki as being one of inclusion rather than of exclusivity. Arguments as to the correct interpretation of translations of original writings notwithstanding, it's clear to me that O Sensei intended Aikido to be shared with the world and knew that its form would assume many guises. This, in my view, precludes any one Way claiming to be the "True" Way of Aiki.

If we, via our training, are seeking to obtain "the highest benefits from its study" then we must ignore the calls for the narrowing of the scope of Aiki's applicability and, each of us, follow the path that lays before our feet.

Thanks again for your continued contributions to this web site. Your voice of tolerance and reason is a welcome respite to the discord that characterizes so many of the discussions here.



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