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Did they do it in the old days though?
I was perusing _Aikido, The Way of Harmony_, the other day and there is a picture of a woman doing ... wel I'm not sure *what* technique she is doing, any way uke is a dude, and he's bent over backwards, and the caption reads: "Throughout the history of Aikido, women have practiced together with men under the same conditions on the same level" So I would say, yes. They *did* do it in the old days.
But, I do sometimes recommend women train with women for certain techniques when I am teaching.
What techniques would these be? And why?
i'm still gonna practace yonkyo on yer and i aint gonna ask does it hurt because it bloody well should.
*owie* I'm glad that last night's yonkyo pratice didn't hurt at all!

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-- Tadhg (who likes his yonkyo effective and pain free)

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