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Re: Aikido for MMA?

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Dear Chris,
Read Rik's article.He is a chip from an old block inasmuch as he sounds like his dad .I know Mr Ellis , he is a good fiend of mine.He often states that there are Plastic Samurai going around nowadays.All I can say is this , if you have trained for years with Sensei like Tamura, Chiba Sensei, Saito Sensei etc I think its safe to say you are not a shrinking violet when confronted by potential aggressive people.Of course no one sensible tries to get involved in a skirmish, however if you do happen to be involved in one, no point in doing orthodox?aikido waza.Just keep it simple.A well delivered hit or a short kick to a kneecap usually works a treat.Cheers, Joe.
Dear Folks,
Of course I forgot to mention this, deliver any hit, kick with affection.If you have to chastise someone be firm but kind.Do not take it too personal.The other person is simply misguided.I think this is the essence of Aikido.To cause minimum harm to your enemy if humanly possible.Joe.
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