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Re: High(er) Intensity Weapons

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
Anyway, you missed my point - I was responding to an anecdote that in BJJ, they have learned that getting beginners familiar with competition from the very start seems to get them up to speed in competition faster. My point was, that's training for non-lethal combat. if you are training for lethal combat, you had better not do a lot of freeform practice at the beginning, you'd be better off doing it like the guys in the first video you posted.
You need look no farther than the militaries of the world, during times of war to see people being pushed into the deep end as soon as possible. They give their solders a minimum amount of training, and send them out. The one's who will be good live, the one's who won't don't waste anyones time. But now we're getting way off subject.

Basically, I responded to your comment with:
"I train martial arts."
With that I meant:
A. I think about situations with live weapons constantly, and seriously train with that in mind.
B. I am not a solder, so my training isn't done with the goal of actually killing someone, but to develop myself.

Sparring, and "high(er) intensity" weapons work can develop me in ways that Kata cannot. I personally enjoy doing this kind of work. I don't think anyone is a bad person for not doing this kind of work. But if you haven't done any, you should see if you like it. If you have and don't like it, no problem.

In the realm of gaining ability, the BJJ crowd in Southern California, that I trained around has found that making regular sparring a part of the beginning students training doesn't hurt his ability level in the long run.

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