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Visiting Hawaii

We will be visiting Hawaii 29.10 -- 12.11.2011 with my wife.

29.10 -- 1.11 we will be in Honolulu and visiting around island and 1-11 November we will be visiting Kauai with Kapaa as a base.

Hopefully we will have a good chance to meet Chris Li, any other possibility to aikido&beer&sake practice? I know there are some aikiweb members from Hawaii. It would be fantastic for us to meet you guys. We love very much good Japanese food, and Nature, planned some light trekking, and already bought solid boots. Now I'm looking for advices where to go as addition to our plans (yes we did our homework! ). I got some from Trip Adviser forum; we are not funs of crowded tourist places.

I.e. many friends suggest strongly rent a jeep instead of small car, is it really a must? Apparently one can't drive to many places because of the state of the roads. So with small car you drive up to certain point and then have to walk few miles to the beach…However such upgrade is quite expensive.

What should we be aware of?



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