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Re: High(er) Intensity Weapons

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
The problem one faces with intensity in kata, is that that intensity is never creative. I love to train intense Kata, I teach it to my students and am a strong advocate for what it can teach, mindfulness, composure, drive and clean technique. Being able to do those things, in Kata, in a situation where the other person can challenge you with something new and innovative is a whole new level of training. When doing Kata you'll never face something unexpected.
The difficulty here on the forum is we don't know what exactly kata practice looks like for each of us. Usually is something completely different. So reasonably intelligent discussion is very difficult if not impossible.

With this in mind, I'm able to practice weapons kata on the level when adrenaline shots make most of the students losing control what they're doing. So it is challenging enough at this level. With some more experienced students, I'm responsible to introduce unexpected elements into the kata. It is quite easy to do, under condition that I have to be very clear for myself that kind of principles those unexpected elements are teaching.

This idea is not new at all; many years ago S.Sugano sensei already conducted weapons training that way.

So in summary, yes, it is very possible to do and if you, as instructor know what you are doing, it is technically very easy. You don't need to introduce sparring for that.
Chris Hein wrote: View Post
Learning to stay relaxed an calm is something else I like, that can be learned in Kata training. Again though, you must learn to take that relaxed calm state into a situation where you are facing the unknown.
Well, if the 'unknown" is too large, it is very difficult/impossible to learn something, particularly stay calm and relaxed. So as instructor I have to make sure that I'm introducing new unexpected elements to the kata in the way students can digest it. Additionally it can't be 'industrial' process for large group. Every student needs an individual approach that is accorded to his level.


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