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Re: Dan Harden seminar in The Netherlands

Robin Boyd wrote: View Post
Thanks Alec,

It is nice to hear a first hand account. I hope I have the chance to train with him some day.
Yes. Do. Please do.

I agree with everything Alec has said, and then some.

I mean, I can't say I've had the extensive background and experience Alec has had (if he had five years more under his belt, his martial arts experience would be as old as I am now), but man did Dan deliver.
Really, it did something to me. It struck a chord. Many, many times.

And good lord, not only was the martial arts stuff great, I never expected Dan to be such a sweetheart (I know, I was kinda surprised, having read all the flamewars on here O_o), nor did I expect him to be such a downright funny guy. I can honestly say that I've never had so much fun in a seminar. Ever. I've laughed my arse off multiple times. Honestly dude, just meeting the guy will give you your money's worth

I honestly felt like shite knowing that I couldn't attend the two days of extra training after the seminar. I'm so jealous of the rest of da club .

So yeah.. Spring can't come soon enough for me..

Errr.. I think everyone gets the message.. XD

Have a nice day and stuff,

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