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Re: High(er) Intensity Weapons

The problem one faces with intensity in kata, is that that intensity is never creative. I love to train intense Kata, I teach it to my students and am a strong advocate for what it can teach, mindfulness, composure, drive and clean technique. Being able to do those things, in Kata, in a situation where the other person can challenge you with something new and innovative is a whole new level of training. When doing Kata you'll never face something unexpected.

Learning to stay relaxed an calm is something else I like, that can be learned in Kata training. Again though, you must learn to take that relaxed calm state into a situation where you are facing the unknown. That is where we can really start to see the life changing benefits of staying calm and relaxed. The world, what we are training ourselves for (whether it be a life and death struggle, or a battle with the children at bed time), is full of unknowns. During those challenging times is when we most want to stay calm and relaxed. You cannot face unknowns in Kata. Kata is known, that is it's nature.

I like to tell my students; it's easy stay calm and relaxed in a peaceful place, but that's where some of us need to start practicing. As we grow, we need to add new challenges to our practice. This way we can learn to stay calm during a horrible catastrophe.

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