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Re: Dan Harden seminar in The Netherlands

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Hello All,
I want to give a brief report on the seminar I just attended with Dan.
OK, first off he can walk his talk. He can do what he says he does, his theory is sound and tallies with everything i have ever learnt about IT, his pedagogy is excellent, so he can teach what he can do, he can fight with it, and in gentle sparring (for the most part;-)) he let me feel what he could do. His breadth of knowledge concerning martial arts is clear, and to top it all, he is a lot of fun to train with.
I consider him a martial arts brother and would train with him any chance I got, and I would advise others to do the same. he has got something to offer the Aikido world and for those who are not ossified or fantasizing, you owe it to yourselves to touch hands with him before offering keyboard BS.
respect, Alec
I know this tends not to count on the Internet but I have almost 20 years in Aikido and almost 35 in Budo, so I have some criteria to compare with.
Thanks Alec,

It is nice to hear a first hand account. I hope I have the chance to train with him some day.
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