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Re: Aikido in a street situation

Isn't the purpose of aikido training to stay on your feet when people grab you, and try to throw you/put you on the ground etc.?
I've certainly found in BJJ sparring that people - even the big and heavy, or big strong ones - have a lot of trouble getting me on the ground; just the other day, a man who must weigh fifteen stone was using all his might to wrestle me to the ground, and I performed a beautiful, textbook judo throw (it was like ashi guruma, but you put the ball of your foot on the ground, so the toes point to your other foot...also: I was there to do BJJ, not aikido, before you say); you give that kind of energy/opening to someone who's actually good at aikido, you'll end up on the floor, on your own.

And when I do practice BJJ (on the ground), I just try and do what I do in aikido (albeit while performing BJJ techniques): use the hips; stay relaxed; connect to your partner; use your whole body as one...
And after six weeks at BJJ, i've been told my top-game is equivalent to someone who's trained for six months; so I think adding a third location (tachi-waza; suwari-waza; - ne-waza) to put your aikido training to use, isn't that much of an ask - certainly when you're only concerned with 'street situations': i've sparred with plenty of beginners, who are big and strong, and really are fighting to 'win'.
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