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Re: Frustrated with aikido kids classes

Most kids' classes in aikido I've seen don't actually teach the kids aikido. Teaching kids judo is no problem, they can throw each other all over the place. Teaching them how to perform nikkyo and sankyo on each other, on joints that are not yet fullly matured, is something completely else.

Teaching good kiddies class that actually teaches them aikido is immensely difficult. Try and imagine what this yudansha has been going through in attempts to try to adapt aikido so the kids can practise safely... then perhaps somewhat giving up?

I don't know what the solution to the situation is. If I were you I'd probably talked to the main teacher and say I don't think I can be assistant in those classes, and possibly express my thoughts and feeling - if I feel that would be somewhat well recepted.

Perhaps someone should ask this yudansha what he/she feels about the situation. Perhaps he/she would love to actually have time to go to regular classes. Perhaps he/she is fed up with doing something somewhat meaningless, but still needed because kiddies classes means money to the dojo.
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