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Re: Prepayment Fraud - Dojo Chos Beware

Jim Baker wrote: View Post
"My Name is John Williams.I want to book for 3 weeks classes/training, 2 hours each day Monday to Saturday (morning hours) for a group of 10 Males (Ages 27-31). We will be coming for a one month vacation/holiday from 25th November 2011 and will require 3 weeks training on Wrestling or Taekwondo or any other Gym Fitness you can offer to help keep fitness due to the nature of our job and also to make our stay fun.

Kindly get back to me with the cost for the training and also confirm if you can arrange a one on one training for each student or if its better in group, then get back to me with the total cost for all the lessons.

I don't know if you need additional instructors to help you in this classes or you can arrange for all arrangements your self, note that we are group of workers from Iraq and works on an off shore firm on a high sea (oil rig) so all payments will have to be done via credit cards and hope this will not pose any problem to you. Do your place accept credit cards as mode of payments? Waiting to hear from you with the confirmation and total cost for this training.

Exactly. LOL. I received this one a couple of weeks ago. I simply declined.

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