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Re: High(er) Intensity Weapons

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Does anyone else engage in this type of practice? Would anyone like to share what they find to be good and bad about this type of training?
this sort of training isn't for beginner. it will burn in bad habits. the systema training methodology would be a good approach. you work on movement at very slow speed and power against you partner who does the same. when you are comfortable with that, your partner increase speed and power a bit more. you work at that level for awhile. then your partner increase the intensity, and so on, until you start to tense up or feel uncomfortable. your partner would back down the intensity to the last comfortable level. at some point, your partner increases intensity again. you and your partner keep doing that until you both moving at full speed and intensity. this is the approach to train you and your partner to move with calm, relax and in control of your adrenaline. also, this approach prevents you and your partner burning in bad habits.

sometimes you and your partner should go from 0 to 100 level just to see if you and your partner can ride your adrenaline and yet remain calm at the same time.

it's a good practice to find your breaking point. everyone has a breaking point. it's better to find it in the dojo and then train to deal with that.

also, the different between uke and nage here is small, almost none. uke's job is to put his/her shinai into you, i.e. dodge and weave and uke will track you. uke isn't waiting for you to get ready either. same goes with nage, at in the moment nage senses uke's intention to attack, nage moves. the parameter here is to train uke to be really good at attacking and nage to be better at defending/attacking.

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