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Re: High(er) Intensity Weapons

With regard to overall concept here I'd like to add a little something based on my observations years ago.

Believe it or not I witnessed sword work from the view of Aikiken being 'superior' to other forms of swordwork because it was based on the motions of Aikido. Now before anyone jumps on this I am saying it because I am giving my view I had at that time as given by the person in question ie: my teacher.

So what I witnessed was Aikiken verses different sword arts. (me not knowing exactly what the visitors were actually doing at the time)

But here's the point. The visitor would be asked to do whatever they wanted to ie: to attack as and when they saw fit as fast as they like.

They always 'lost' however that wasn't the fascinating point for me as an observer. It was more trying to work out why? So you see I learned just by observation first that full intensity so to speak was not a plus for those who appeared to really go for it seemed like lambs to the slaughter in effect.

Luckily I would say the teacher wasn't one for not explaining what he was doing, how to do it and why.

So I would say I learned the following by observation:

1) That knowing the way of the sword, the principles of the sword as real and part of you far exceeds any particular style.

2) That watching someone with such I could see that the unknowns of the opponent were not just openings but more like chasms to him and so to him there wasn't much threat.

3) That the skills and techniques he had learned seemed like they would take a lifetime to learn and yet by observation I noticed his mind, his whole aura became still and immovable, imperturbable and that seemed even more important.

So this in no way says that training with full intensity with swords is right or wrong only that to be aware that eventually it is to develope the calm swift quiet but deadly motion.

That's all from me.

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