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Re: How do Akikai Aikido students learn about KI?

Dear Ed,

ive trained for a fair few years with what i would describe as a harder style aikido, i love it its very fun energetic and good excersize.

as ive come to university ive trained with Alex who replied earlier who teaches under the aikikai 'umbrella' hehe his style is of the softer approach im of the opinion this style is of the essence of 'ki' as it relies on not using any muscle strength at all. there is never really a mention of ki but then again i dont really think there needs to be. its impossible to label something that varies so much person to person.

within aikido i think its important to think of ki not as some mystical power that enables you to hadouken the hell out of your opponant, but as the ability to control them whilst being 100 percent in control of yourself and not giving in the the temptation to combat their momentum.

yea i know this concept is something ive tried to get away without doing in the past but ive started to see the importance of this now im on the verge of shodan and hopfully one day ill get it! until then i guess its back to wondering how the hell does he do that!

p.s. im always a bit worried by the ki demonstrations showing people putting their hand a few inches from someones face as they run in and make them fall over, a drunk guy in a bar is probobally struggling to see you let alone the hand and pummel straight through you! ill keep working on my tencan :P

i must point out im not trying to claim im correct im merely sharing my thoughts on the matter and id love to discuss them with you guys.

yours in Aikido


rubberman because im bendy not kinky! well....
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