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Re: Make your own

Mariahn Scarborough wrote:
You guys crack me up! I have a heavy set of hak that I made myself. Some girl skills are really handy [...]
Okay so call me a heretic, but really guys - it isn't supposed to be that hard.
Hi Mariahn!

Well - actually I did. I used to practice Kendo and I couldn't afford a hakama, so I borrowed my senseis and did my best to 'copy' it without a pattern. It was okay but not good. My next attempt was a little more successful, and I now have a darkblue hakama in my closet waiting for the day when I can wear it to Aikido-class. However my original question in this thread was what kind of fabric would be suitable for an Aikido-hakama. What I have is a very heavy pure cotton hakama and I just wanted some feedback on this issue.

I agree with you so far as that some 'girl skills' are handy but I fear that some people might be offended by your comments. It isn't nice to be mocked for ones lack of skills.

Just my thoughts on your reply.

All the best to everybody and thanks for your many thoughts, advises and experiences.

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

Inspiration - Aspiration - Perspiration
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