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Re: Aikido in a street situation

I'm not really into fighting. I used to watch MMA when I was younger, but I'm not that into it anymore. I wouldn't "fight" anyone even if I wanted to be violent. I would simply attack them. Preferably I'd hit them with a heavey or sharp object when they weren't expecting it.

Phil Van Treese wrote: View Post
Since aikido "doesn't work" in fighting or street situations, I wonder what I was using in Viet Nam to defend myself and what I used as a Deputy Sheriff when I took down more than my share of bad guys--in the jail scene and on the road. I could swear it was Aikido that Tomiki shihan taught me but since aikido doesn't work, I wonder what it was. Even when I went to the ground, more than once, I was quite effective with whatever it was I was using.
Specifically, what aikido move did you use to overcome an opponent once you were on the ground?
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