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Krystal Locke
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Re: Aikido in a street situation

Roger, what is your experience with fighting? You mention a LOT of MMA events, but those carefully controlled events are not fights.

Seriously, if you absolutely HAVE to find out if your stuff, whether it is aikido, ninjutsu or knitting, will work in a fight, go get in a fight.

Bouncers dont fight, cops dont fight. Bouncers and cops finish fights between other people. Bouncers and cops control folks who need control. Not a fight, and that's a real good thing.

Nothing you know will work in a fight, everything you know can work in a fight. Fights are random, chaotic, emotion filled, terrifying, ginormous clusterfucks of comeplete unpredictability that are best completely avoided. Someone could get hurt.

Training (in anything) gives some advantages, but no art is universally effective or universally ineffectual.
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