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Re: High(er) Intensity Weapons

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
But I have found that after you get past the nerves, you can find a great deal of time and possibility in your responses, not to mention that so many of the aikido techniques and strategy fit so well.

Does anyone else engage in this type of practice? Would anyone like to share what they find to be good and bad about this type of training?
I grew up playing games like that and have also incorporated it into my training inthe past, but it's been a while.
I taught a small class where we took light dowels and wrapped them in plumbing insulation. We practiced a kind of kendo trying to utilize basic ken waza, starting off with simple, specific, attacks and then expanding that to include "however you can tag'em," still trying to use standard waza as a response. We tried to think of the basic ideas of kaeshi and awase as we played around. It was great fun.
I also really liked the tanto randori of Shodokan. With that floppy "knife" removing any danger of injury or undue pain, it was interesting to see how quickly a series of just simple stabs can come at you, implying something about how dangerous a freeform series of attacks might be.

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