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Re: Prepayment Fraud - Dojo Chos Beware

Sometimes people just aren't thinking skeptically...and some people are more trusting than others. My wife's grandmother was recently called by someone saying my wife's brother was in jail and needed 3000 in bail. In this case they were preying on a 93 year old lady, and while for most of us it was instantly recognized as a fraud, she was too busy worrying about the possibility a relative was in need. The fraud had a list of family member names in order to try to show some kind of "inside" knowledge, but in this day and age with facebook, etc. Information is easy to come by.
My mom had someone fom London say "she" was looking to rent a room and her uncle would send money. I was instantly suspicious and demanded a phone number to call. Interestingly enough the "girl" was always away and some drunk dude answered. I sent the info to the FBI but heard no response. If you want good examples of common scams just send your email out to myspace advertizements and the like. Your junk mail box will be filled with people from all over the world who have amazing gifts to give you; long lost bank accounts, wealthy relatives, and business opportunities will suddenly promise to rain gold on you. I can only imagine these things are so plentiful because some poor few percent of people fall for it. When you grow up in a culture with plenty of fraud it's not too hard to recognize, but if you're distracted by something (usually an emotional trigger) or too trusting, it's not that hard to see what you want.

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