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Question Aikido for MMA?

I'm certain that full contact karate (striking: kung fu, boxing, Chinese boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, etc.) and jiu jitsu (submission: wrestling, judo, BJJ, etc.) cross training are essential, to enjoy "fighting" in MMA, esp. for competition, but would Aikido be useful in preparing to play (or "fight," in sports vernacular) the MMA games?

Are there any who practice Aikido and trains or competes in MMA also?

My mind's attached to the notion that when Aikido people get exposed to BJJ or MMA practice then they drop Aikido. Kindly debunk my delusion on this?

(P.S. I have faith in Aikido for self-protection (aka: in real fighting: prevention and survival), although I have my doubts on dojo that cater to overly compliant training, even for 'advanced" students, but this insincerely affects many other "traditional" martial arts, since healthful-exercises-only-mindset, however valid, is a common focus and dilemma in balancing with sincere training).

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