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Re: Frustrated with aikido kids classes

Dear all,

thanks so much for the friendly and supportive comments so far!
I went yesterday again to sensei and asked him if he couldn't try once again to convince our kids teacher to do also aikido techniques during the training...and he sighed and said "I'll try..."
And he said that he'd more closely supervise some of the parallel classes, where the kid sensei gives kid lessons and the main sensei gives adult classes.

But I cannot bring myself to make any comment concerning the efficiency of the techniques.
I completely share Aikirk's opinion that the guy probably knows in his inner self that his technical ability is on the decline. I just doubt that confronting him with his denial would do anything else than injuring his self-esteem.

I'll try to convince the second assistant to make 50 - 50 with me. So I could bail out at least a bit without having the feeling to abandon the kids completely. Maybe the guy takes more kindly to the other assistant, at least for a while.

Thanks a lot again!!!!
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