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Re: Misogi - The diet part

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I never said that they always had abundant food and didn't have to work hard for it. That's silly.
Well, that's what seems to be the appeal for a lot of people who express casual interest in it (the belief that they can eat all the steaks they want), but I take your point. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there are certain assumptions that have to be fulfilled in order for any diet to be healthy, and also, that eating this way is definitely not easy or cheap. In practical terms, it is complicated to eat unprocessed foods. I'm not at all sure I buy that it's healthier than a grain-based diet -- it's very easy to cherrypick bad examples from the type of diet you're trying to discredit while putting forth only the most virtuous examples of your own. I don't think that Wonder Bread is any more an accurate representation of a grain-based diet than "all the cheeseburgers you want" is an accurate representation of a paleo diet. Does the paleo diet even allow cheese?
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