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Re: Misogi - The diet part

Lawrence, Andrew and others... Thanks for the input especially the specific food stuff related to misogi.

I'm reminding myself of course what is common knowledge or common sense may not necessarily be true. Sometimes it's just bad science perpetuated ad nauseum that eventually everyone understands as truth.

Misogi to get aiki is not what we're after here. Fine fine, aiki is a grand old thing, well deserving it's numerous topics, now get out of here will ya?

A few things I've read since my last post I'm going to add here. You guys remember wiki leaks? Well, it's sort of winding down now... But it's left us a bunch of goodies to sieve through.

One of which of the whole GMO thingey. So to cut it short, GMO is bad for you. FDA warns against it but has long since been muffled from the powers that be. But then again, all of us knew that anyway.

Also, eat cooked broccoli with chili to activate it's vitamins. Well there you go... There's always something new to think about.

Finally I agree totally that you need to thankful for your food. Human beings need to appreciate things kore, because we have to be fair to ourselves.

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