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graham christian
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Re: Misogi - The diet part

Hi Ahmad.
Interesting thread. I did a macrobiotic diet when young and bought some books on it then and from your early posts I agree that was probably more to do with so called 'misogi' diet or at least it's mainstay. I remember how one book pointed to the ancient chinese ways of medicine and thus it's all part of that field. All based on balancing yin and yang and knowing which foods were yin and which yang and to what degree and then to what your body needs in what proportions and why.

Quite a study for anyone interested and I may say I personally didn't go into it very deeply.

I got more interested in nutrition. Once again a matter of study and seeing how it applies and why and when etc. Also at the end it also comes down to recognising what your particular body requires nutritionally taking into account other factors like geneology, environment etc.

Then as you say it's down to recognising in yourself what it needs. It does tell you but do we listen to it?

Examples are all around us of this and fascinating to look at from an educated viewpoint be it in whichever field of health. For instance when pregnant women get cravings for certain foods. That is their body telling them, let's say from a nutritional point of view, that they need those nutrients found in that food. The cravings are also due to the woman being at those times definitely more in tune with their bodies and a baby demanding natural diet.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Hope you are getting healthier by the day.

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