Thread: Why no tsuba?
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Keith Larman
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Re: Why no tsuba?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Keith. I see your point. Has he not decided to do so himself? He is the driver of the car. He is responsible for his ability and choice. He is exercising that choice according to you with good effect.

The same principles involved are there for those who want to drive fast. They are responsible, not the car, not the windows, not any part of it. They cause any accident not the car for it only does what you cause it to do.

Once again it's all down to the person, nothing else.

Well, therein lies the rub. No one is criticizing him for driving slowly. But you are calling those who bother to drive at normal speeds in cars equipped with proper safety equipment lazy or somehow acting irresponsibly for having it. Feel free to poke along at slow speeds completely in your comfort zone. But some of us have a long commute ahead and aren't content to stay that close to home all the time. It doesn't mean we speed irresponsibly, but we might feel that airbags for our children and passengers are a good idea. Just in case.