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Diana Frese
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Re: Adressing someone as Sensei?

not to be irreverent, but a side reason for calling the Japanese teachers who came over sensei, was because many of their first names were too hard to pronounce anyway.... many of three or four syllables....

Seriously, when a senpai was teaching a class (we didn't know the word senpai back then, at least I don't remember hearing it) sometimes he would be called sensei for the duration of the class, usually just at the end with domo arigato gozaimashita sensei being the most common way in which a senior student would be called sensei when teaching a class.

By the way, gradually women were accepted as senpais teaching but that is another thread either from the past or someone starting a new one...

P.S. that is a cool story, Mary. I will remember it and pass it on to my old friends who do or have done Aikido
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