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Diana Frese
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Re: Reuse, recycle....

Oh no, a new thread with a question hanging within easy reach.... somebody stop me.... I am going to really show my age now....

In my mother's day, ladies had dressing tables. Hers was kitty corner on a dressing room wall and the glass cube wall separating the adequate dressing room portion from the small by today's standards sink, tub, and toidy portion....

Not a lesson in retro decor, just that the first thing that came to my mind is...... denim colored or black.......

A Dressing Table Skirt
(in the old days hid the numerous cosmetic bottles and jars from view)

Am I a girl or what to have this be the first idea I come up with?

Fortunately I can still do a wicked nikyo or yonkyo according to my husband who does karate....
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