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Re: YouTube Video - The Ascent to Beauty Trailer

I love this video very much and I'm looking forward to see the whole film/movie (how do you say in english?).

I took part in both seminars one can see in the trailer.
When Endo sensei gave a demonstration which was also filmed, I saw what I think aikido "really" is for the first time in my life. And I never saw something like that again.
The other day Endo sensei said that he don't wants that material to be used in the movie.
He gave a demonstration again and this was aikido like I knew it. On a very high level for sure. But no "miracles", no "divine techniques" ... just "normal" aikido ...

There was also a long long interview and Endo was glad, that someone asked him questions which he thought to be inspiring.

I'm really looking forward to the movie ... The work on this trailer took nearly a year if I know it right. ...
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